Discover LCA

Our History

Legacy Christian Academy was founded in 1982 as Christian Centre Academy. The school began operation in what was formerly Richmond Heights School, and accommodated kindergarten through 12th grade. LCA is now in Saskatoon's North End, with a rich history of academic achievement and very competitive extracurricular programs. Many of LCA's alumni have also excelled in their post secondary studies and are enjoying successful professional careers. Having been established over three decades ago, we now have the unique distinction of second generation students enrolled in LCA.


Our Mission

Legacy Christian Academy is committed to helping each student reach their full potential through academic excellence and extracurricular programs based on a Christian worldview.


Our Philosophy

Legacy Christian Academy's philosophy can be summed up in three priorities: godly character, academic excellence, and extracurricular activity. Our main focus is to help students discover God’s gifting and plan for their lives. The staff and families of LCA work diligently to enable students in the development of their God-given talents and to prepare them for a lifetime of learning, serving and honouring God. We firmly believe that only through the discovery of one’s vision can an individual find true meaning (Proverbs 29:18). The LCA vision embraces the responsibility of providing students with an education that will give them an equitable academic opportunity with peers beyond our doors.

Legacy Christian Academy is a partnership between parents and the faculty. In order for students to thrive without distraction, we emphasize good communication between teachers and parents, mutual respect, and skillful conflict resolution.

Our goal is to develop the next generation of leaders so that a Christian legacy can be firmly established for future generations.