Extra Curricular Activities

At LCA, there are many opportunities for all students to further develop themselves well beyond the confines of a classroom. We believe in the development of the whole student, and the extracurricular activities we offer play a very distinctive role in who we are as a school.


Athletic Program

LCA has a long-winning and legendary tradition in our athletic program, where the Eagles have won 28 provincial medals (including 16 gold, silver, bronze) over the course of the last 24 years in SHSAA. The Eagles are known throughout Saskatchewan for consistently outstanding basketball, volleyball and track teams.


Music Program

LCA has an outstanding music program, and our students have earned top awards in various international competitions. Our music program is comprised of large and small choral ensembles, small vocal groups, small instrumental ensembles, and traditional band. Students participating in our music program have the opportunity to perform at school and in the community.


Drama Program

LCA offers a comprehensive drama program from K-12. In high school, students can participate in dramatic monologues, dramatic dialogues, one act plays, illustrated stories, poetry recitations, clown acts, and mimes. We place great value in creative arts, and celebrate the diversity of our students.