Kindergarten at Legacy.

We think an introduction to school should be an adventure into the love of learning and discovery. In Legacy Christian Academy’s Kindergarten program, we introduce the foundation blocks of learning in an interactive and fun way. Our students learn the phonetic sounds of the alphabet through some exciting animal friends as their first steps into reading. Every animal we meet has a corresponding letter sound, a song, and a character-based story.

Throughout our year together, the children will learn about the wonderful way they were made, the amazing world God made, and about the people around us that make our communities great.

Hands on learning is so valuable at this age, especially in regards to math and science, and so we make sure to have time daily to be creative through crafts, models, games, music, physical activity, or field trips.

Because space is limited our staff are able to work closely with your child to encourage and challenge their growth.

Come and see what our Kindergarten program has to offer your young learner.