LCA Eagles: A Season to Remember

This years’ Eagles basketball team has worked hard and we’re proud to say they took their league by storm. Last year, they saw little success as a new team that was forging relationships and learning new skills. This year, their hard work and conditioning has paid off! With a wide mix of ages and skill levels, Coach Reynolds capitalized on their diversity and continued to build on what was started last year. Watching the team grow over this past season has been inspiring. They have generated excitement among their fans and we can’t wait to see where they will go in the years to come.

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with the players and see this season through their eyes. As they told their stories and laughed about spills and plays, you could see how this team has grown together. There is a distinct comradery and respect for one another. They acknowledged that their communication on the court increased as the season marched on. Their rebounds were stronger, too.

In terms of sportsmanship and playing against skill, they counted Davidson as their favorite team in competition. But of all the games they played this season, playing against the defending champions, Bedford Road Collegiate, for the City Finals was a game they will talk about for a while. This game was intense and went into double overtime. Tying the game, they started their first overtime play. As the clock moved along, they found themselves down by 3 points. With just seconds to go, Brett Krochak gave up a 3-shot from the far corner. Making the impossible shot, he tied the game again and they went into their 2nd overtime. In the end, they took this game 87-82. This is first time LCA has won Cities – something this team can be extremely proud of!

As they continued through the year, one parent commented on how even the younger players became contributing members of the team. They were learning to hold their own and she loved watching their confidence grow. As a team, they started trusting each other more. Qualifying for Hoopla meant hard work and each team member had to stay sharp and depend on their teammates. “They are passionate about the game…It was a very good year.”

Another shining moment was during the Conference Finals, when Elias Allcock fired the ball from half-court, beating the buzzer, and made the shot. Victorious in the Conference and Regional Finals, they set their faces towards Hoopla.

Going into Hoopla, the boys had high hopes and their fans were there to cheer them on. Their first game was against Unity. This game was one of their biggest disappointments as Unity took the game 59-54. However, they quickly picked themselves up and prepared for the Bronze Medal match against Indian Head. At St. Joseph High school, the gym was packed and Eagles fans were poised and ready. The beginning of the game saw Indian Head players coming off the bench with a fierceness, quickly gaining ground. But the Eagles came back and did not stop. Eagles’ fans jumped up and high-fived as their favorite team secured the Bronze Medal at 72-57.

Taking stock of how far they’ve come, the team is already looking ahead to next year. More determined than ever, they are committed to continuing to grow in their teamwork and to take the City Championship once more. They want to return to Hoopla stronger and faster. Talking to the team, I asked Jacky to sum up this season in one word: “Successful”, he said. We could not agree more. Way to go Eagles – you have made us proud!

Eagles Invitational

In a very exciting weekend, the Eagles Basketball Team got to show their fans what they’ve been working on all season. There was much excitement, not just for LCA, but for seven other schools around the province. Davidson, North Battleford, Norquay, Unity, Waldheim, Warman and Watrous were all represented. Throughout the tournament, each team sweated it out. Shots were going in smoothly and with each pass, shot and play, the teams were learning more and more about each other and moving as one. Each match was a close battle with the final game being fought out by LCA’s Eagles and North Battleford’s John Paul II Crusaders.

LCA has seen much success this season. Coach Reynolds remarked, “These guys are fantastic athletes on their own, but if they didn’t work together and put out 100% effort every time they are on the court, we would not be having such a successful season.” When asked what they felt contributed most to their success, several of the players acknowledged the hard conditioning they’ve been doing throughout their practices as well as being a team that has played together for a while now – they have good chemistry – and it showed!

In the first game, LCA Eagles vs the Davidson Raiders, LCA brought some great shots! The support they received from the stands carried them along. The energy they brought with them brought out the best in the players. There’s always something about playing in front of your biggest fans. Their second game against Waldheim saw Carter Naylor make his first 3-point of the season. Winning these two games brought the Eagles to the final match against the Crusaders.

The atmosphere was electric as the teams took their energy to the floor. By half-time, the Crusaders were up 46-30. During the third quarter, Ian Martens stole the ball and took it all the way down the court for 2. Elias Allcock scored a 3. Ashton Grant, one of the younger members, took the ball down the court uncontested for a 2. They fought hard and finished the game with the Crusaders winning 78-47. It was not the outcome they had wanted, but they never gave up. This was a tough match.

Shalen Fox, coach of the Crusaders, credits this as one of their best games and commended LCA on having some strong shooters. Watching the other games, they knew that LCA was fast team and that they were going to have to keep up the pace. He enjoyed the tournament. In the final game, both teams were supplied with Gatorade – his team loved it!

One other highlight was having LCA on the local news. Players, Coach Reynolds and Principal Lou Brunelle were interviewed. Check out our Facebook page for the full story. As the team moves into Regionals and (hopefully) Hoopla, we know everyone will be there to support and cheer loud. The guys have done outstanding!

A Celebration of Christmas

A packed auditorium. Songs prepared. Costumes. Props in place. Nerves creating jitters. Enthusiastic excitement in the air. The students of Legacy Christian Academy readied themselves for their annual Christmas performance. Families and friends crowded into the auditorium where the night started off with the Senior Choir stomping feet while presenting “This is The Greatest Show” from the hit movie, The Greatest Showman.

Watching the students and seeing smiles all around – this is what the night was all about. A Celebration of Christmas and the Reason we celebrate. Parents loved the Grade One students dressed up as snowmen and the Junior Elementary class in their puppy costumes. As the younger students took to the stage for Choral Speeches and poem recitations I couldn’t contain my own joy and laughter. There was an upbeat, classic Christmas feel to the evening.

Having spent a busy and stressful week in rehearsals, the students were tired, but looking forward to giving a night to enjoy. In one of the rehearsals, one member unknowingly left his microphone on, which amused his fellow students, as he left the auditorium and provided a welcome comedic relief in the midst of the stress. For the graduating students this was also somewhat of a nostalgic time as they realized that this was their last LCA Christmas Concert. When asked what they enjoyed most about the evening, there were varied answers from the intermission (where they had a chance to sit down and catch their breath), to the Jazz Vocal Choir performing “Ugly Christmas Sweater”. Behind the scenes were other students providing the lighting and sound. One loved how she was able to be involved in the cinematic effects. In short, whether on stage or behind-the-scenes, all of the students were excited to use their gifts.

Another favorite of the evening was the play written by Mrs. Marguerite Wiggins. The Candle brought home the true spirit of Christmas. As the students portrayed a family participating in their neighborhood light show (and perhaps being a bit greedy for the prize), an accidental power outage opened their eyes to a very important message: sharing God’s love with those around us.

A special thank you to Mrs. Olnhoff who spearheaded the music for the evening. Each piece, whether played or sung, added to the celebratory mood of the evening. Her diligent work with the Senior Concert Band and Senior Choir was evident as they wrapped up the night with moving performances. It is always a treat to listen to!

The concert was over and there were cookies and hot chocolate in the foyer for all guests to enjoy as the choir sang carols and students TJ and Yolanda presented a beautiful piece on piano and guzheng. It was a fitting way to end the evening.

LCA would like to thank all those who came and participated in the auction and freewill offering. The artwork donated was exquisite! Others donated ornate cakes and baking. Spring rolls were a hotly-contested item as well. In all, $1750 was raised for the students to attend a music workshop in Edmonton this coming spring as well as provide some much needed equipment.

Thank you LCA for a wonderful evening with family and friends!

Remembrance Day Service: LCA’s Tribute

Legacy Christian Academy held it’s first-ever Remembrance Day Service on November 7th. Guests were invited and all students attended. It was a solemn occasion as the students paid their respects to Canada’s Heroes.

The band played “O Canada” and students participated in a recitation of “In Flanders Field”. Our girls’ choir performed a Latin song that meant ‘peace be with thee’. The students also enjoyed a video presentation titled “Soldiers Cry” by Roland Majeau. This had an impact on several students who felt the lyrics to be touching and allowed them to sympathize with those who serve. It made them feel humble for the lives that were lost but joyful for the freedom that was gained. Sr. High student Elias Allcock played “Last Post” on trumpet while Canadian Army Cadet, Sgt. Layla Bautista (also an LCA student) paid respect. It was wonderful to see our students participating in such an occasion. How important it is that we do remember!

Ordinary Seaman Sangha, a member from the HMCS Unicorn, Canadian Naval Reserve, was our guest speaker. He spoke about his involvement with Canada’s Armed Forces and how he is proud to serve in uniform. Giving the students a quick history lesson, he highlighted some of Canada’s military achievements such as the battle at Amiens. He spoke about Canadian women working on the home front in factories making bombs and weapons and the children who did their part by helping with farm work and collecting scrap coal and metal. OS Sangha admonished the students, “When you hear our veterans’ stories, you realize how important it is to remember what they did and what they gave up so we can enjoy our peace and freedom today.” He shared with the audience an excerpt from an essay written by sixth grader, A. Chandler, describing our veterans, “…they are the heroes of the past and present. The spirits you can see still walking around you and the ones still here…their faces, medals, eyes all tell stories. Stories of war, stories of loss and stories of coming home.” He also educated the students on Canada’s involvement as Peacekeepers around the world, wearing blue berets and helmets. We are grateful for his message and his service.

Afterwards, students acknowledged that we must never forget that our freedom came to us with a big cost. One student reflected how Remembrance Day is important because it is our way of learning from the mistakes we made in the past, honoring fallen soldiers and their contribution to peace, and acknowledging that lasting peace comes only from God.

In all, this was an important and successful assembly for our student body. It was an opportunity for students to honor family members who have served in the past or who are currently serving. They are proud of the contributions of their family members. Our students came away with a greater sense of gratitude for the freedom that we so often take for granted. Thank you to everyone who attended. At Legacy Christian Academy, We Remember.

Pike Lake Fun

September 14th marked an exciting day in the Elementary Classes of Legacy Christian Academy as the students put aside their PACE’s and took to Pike Lake on their annual picnic field trip. It was a cooler day and overcast, but that did not diminish the students’ spirits. Students and staff alike called this day a “huge success” and “lots of fun”. With planned activities, lots of food, and free play time, everyone enjoyed the day.

The students challenged Principal Brunelle in a tug-of-war, went on a nature hike, and even had a scavenger hunt! Discoveries were made in nature as the children enjoyed the outdoors. Walking along the lake, one student reported that he found “wiggly barf”! Oh, the things they say…

Mrs. Johnson surprised the students by being a formidable soccer opponent. She enjoyed “a great time playing together” but admits to being “fairly sore the next day”. This is one of things that is so loved by families at the Academy – that our staff get out there with the kids and enjoy not just supervising them, but spending quality time with them.

As they look forward to another adventure, the field trip at Pike Lake will certainly remain a favorite memory with students and staff at LCA.

Table Tennis Spirit

Wearing their matching team t-shirts, Team LCA competed at a high level in this years’ Saskatoon Open Table Tennis Championship held at Pavillion Gustave Dubois School. Earning six out of nine medals, this was an outstanding year for the students. This years’ team was headed by Principal Lou Brunelle.

Our championship team represented LCA’s 30+ members ranging from Grades 4 to 10. Practicing together and competing in playoffs, students report that they are excited for more! Matches can be intense and the level of competition fierce, but our students persevered in both singles and doubles. One such student is Althea Eustacio. Althea credits her father and cousins for inspiring her to play. Having started with the team last year, she prefers to play singles because of the intensity, but finds playing doubles is also fun. A true team player, she remarks that she enjoys learning from other players. Althea brought home a Gold Medal from this year’s tournament and looks forward to more.

AJ Calinisan, another championship player, reported that he and an opponent, “…were having an intense rally. I was smashing repeatedly, and he was able to block it. Eventually, I went for a really hard smash. It landed on his side – it also landed inside the bleachers.” AJ went on to win the Division A Gold Medal. Other wins include: Ace Cabreros, Silver Medalist; Jan Topacio, Gold Medalist; Alyssa Eustacio, Silver Medalist; and Joaquin Perez, Bronze Medalist. All played with the spirit of champions and have made LCA proud.

Special thanks to Principal Lou Brunelle and all the Club Members for making this a smashing year!

Girls Volleyball Team Strikes Silver

Legacy Christian Academy is excited to have a Girls Jr. High Volleyball Team. A huge shout-out to Head Coach Candice Balasabas and her assistants Brooklyn Rysavy and Ava Penry for taking this team of 10 to the City Finals. The girls played hard and their efforts and improvement over the course of the season were successfully demonstrated as they came out of City Finals as Silver Medalists! 

When asked what they liked most about volleyball, the responses varied. Baylee, a new member, loved how close the team became – like one big family. She remarked that when you’re close to your team it makes it so much more fun. Carla expressed the excitement of moving on the court like one machine: diving, unexpected saves, and passes that move smoothly from one player to another culminating in a strong, point-earning spike. Another team member observed the chance to improve herself as an athlete and learned to trust her team.

While most of the games and tournaments took place in Saskatoon, travelling was another aspect of this season. Heading to Regina and also Clavet, the girls had the chance to be on the road and strengthen their relationships. Having fun together brought them that much closer.

There were many high and low points throughout the season. The girls pressed through the frustrations of mistakes and being injured. Tensions could mount, but they all acknowledged that when they pressed through together and encouraged one another, they were able to overcome the problems and improve their performance. Emily shared her own low in a game when she was hurt and had to sit out the first set. In the high times, they continued to encourage one another and displayed good sportsmanship as they sought out friendships with girls from other schools. Each girl saw improvement in their teammates. They noticed that as the season went along, they became more consistent in their serves and digs. They learned how to stay calm and communicate effectively on the court. They became acutely aware of their opposing teams moves and were able to anticipate their plays.

In all, the high’s and low’s brought the girls to the City Finals. LCA hosted a Pep Rally and cheered the girls on as they headed to Saskatoon Christian School where they took Silver in the final match against Holy Cross. While it was exciting to take home the Silver Medal, they now have their sights set on how they can improve and are eager to go for the Gold next year.

Congratulations Team! You have made LCA proud!