A Celebration of Christmas

A packed auditorium. Songs prepared. Costumes. Props in place. Nerves creating jitters. Enthusiastic excitement in the air. The students of Legacy Christian Academy readied themselves for their annual Christmas performance. Families and friends crowded into the auditorium where the night started off with the Senior Choir stomping feet while presenting “This is The Greatest Show” from the hit movie, The Greatest Showman.

Watching the students and seeing smiles all around – this is what the night was all about. A Celebration of Christmas and the Reason we celebrate. Parents loved the Grade One students dressed up as snowmen and the Junior Elementary class in their puppy costumes. As the younger students took to the stage for Choral Speeches and poem recitations I couldn’t contain my own joy and laughter. There was an upbeat, classic Christmas feel to the evening.

Having spent a busy and stressful week in rehearsals, the students were tired, but looking forward to giving a night to enjoy. In one of the rehearsals, one member unknowingly left his microphone on, which amused his fellow students, as he left the auditorium and provided a welcome comedic relief in the midst of the stress. For the graduating students this was also somewhat of a nostalgic time as they realized that this was their last LCA Christmas Concert. When asked what they enjoyed most about the evening, there were varied answers from the intermission (where they had a chance to sit down and catch their breath), to the Jazz Vocal Choir performing “Ugly Christmas Sweater”. Behind the scenes were other students providing the lighting and sound. One loved how she was able to be involved in the cinematic effects. In short, whether on stage or behind-the-scenes, all of the students were excited to use their gifts.

Another favorite of the evening was the play written by Mrs. Marguerite Wiggins. The Candle brought home the true spirit of Christmas. As the students portrayed a family participating in their neighborhood light show (and perhaps being a bit greedy for the prize), an accidental power outage opened their eyes to a very important message: sharing God’s love with those around us.

A special thank you to Mrs. Olnhoff who spearheaded the music for the evening. Each piece, whether played or sung, added to the celebratory mood of the evening. Her diligent work with the Senior Concert Band and Senior Choir was evident as they wrapped up the night with moving performances. It is always a treat to listen to!

The concert was over and there were cookies and hot chocolate in the foyer for all guests to enjoy as the choir sang carols and students TJ and Yolanda presented a beautiful piece on piano and guzheng. It was a fitting way to end the evening.

LCA would like to thank all those who came and participated in the auction and freewill offering. The artwork donated was exquisite! Others donated ornate cakes and baking. Spring rolls were a hotly-contested item as well. In all, $1750 was raised for the students to attend a music workshop in Edmonton this coming spring as well as provide some much needed equipment.

Thank you LCA for a wonderful evening with family and friends!