Eagles Invitational

In a very exciting weekend, the Eagles Basketball Team got to show their fans what they’ve been working on all season. There was much excitement, not just for LCA, but for seven other schools around the province. Davidson, North Battleford, Norquay, Unity, Waldheim, Warman and Watrous were all represented. Throughout the tournament, each team sweated it out. Shots were going in smoothly and with each pass, shot and play, the teams were learning more and more about each other and moving as one. Each match was a close battle with the final game being fought out by LCA’s Eagles and North Battleford’s John Paul II Crusaders.

LCA has seen much success this season. Coach Reynolds remarked, “These guys are fantastic athletes on their own, but if they didn’t work together and put out 100% effort every time they are on the court, we would not be having such a successful season.” When asked what they felt contributed most to their success, several of the players acknowledged the hard conditioning they’ve been doing throughout their practices as well as being a team that has played together for a while now – they have good chemistry – and it showed!

In the first game, LCA Eagles vs the Davidson Raiders, LCA brought some great shots! The support they received from the stands carried them along. The energy they brought with them brought out the best in the players. There’s always something about playing in front of your biggest fans. Their second game against Waldheim saw Carter Naylor make his first 3-point of the season. Winning these two games brought the Eagles to the final match against the Crusaders.

The atmosphere was electric as the teams took their energy to the floor. By half-time, the Crusaders were up 46-30. During the third quarter, Ian Martens stole the ball and took it all the way down the court for 2. Elias Allcock scored a 3. Ashton Grant, one of the younger members, took the ball down the court uncontested for a 2. They fought hard and finished the game with the Crusaders winning 78-47. It was not the outcome they had wanted, but they never gave up. This was a tough match.

Shalen Fox, coach of the Crusaders, credits this as one of their best games and commended LCA on having some strong shooters. Watching the other games, they knew that LCA was fast team and that they were going to have to keep up the pace. He enjoyed the tournament. In the final game, both teams were supplied with Gatorade – his team loved it!

One other highlight was having LCA on the local news. Players, Coach Reynolds and Principal Lou Brunelle were interviewed. Check out our Facebook page for the full story. As the team moves into Regionals and (hopefully) Hoopla, we know everyone will be there to support and cheer loud. The guys have done outstanding!