Girls Volleyball Team Strikes Silver

Legacy Christian Academy is excited to have a Girls Jr. High Volleyball Team. A huge shout-out to Head Coach Candice Balasabas and her assistants Brooklyn Rysavy and Ava Penry for taking this team of 10 to the City Finals. The girls played hard and their efforts and improvement over the course of the season were successfully demonstrated as they came out of City Finals as Silver Medalists! 

When asked what they liked most about volleyball, the responses varied. Baylee, a new member, loved how close the team became – like one big family. She remarked that when you’re close to your team it makes it so much more fun. Carla expressed the excitement of moving on the court like one machine: diving, unexpected saves, and passes that move smoothly from one player to another culminating in a strong, point-earning spike. Another team member observed the chance to improve herself as an athlete and learned to trust her team.

While most of the games and tournaments took place in Saskatoon, travelling was another aspect of this season. Heading to Regina and also Clavet, the girls had the chance to be on the road and strengthen their relationships. Having fun together brought them that much closer.

There were many high and low points throughout the season. The girls pressed through the frustrations of mistakes and being injured. Tensions could mount, but they all acknowledged that when they pressed through together and encouraged one another, they were able to overcome the problems and improve their performance. Emily shared her own low in a game when she was hurt and had to sit out the first set. In the high times, they continued to encourage one another and displayed good sportsmanship as they sought out friendships with girls from other schools. Each girl saw improvement in their teammates. They noticed that as the season went along, they became more consistent in their serves and digs. They learned how to stay calm and communicate effectively on the court. They became acutely aware of their opposing teams moves and were able to anticipate their plays.

In all, the high’s and low’s brought the girls to the City Finals. LCA hosted a Pep Rally and cheered the girls on as they headed to Saskatoon Christian School where they took Silver in the final match against Holy Cross. While it was exciting to take home the Silver Medal, they now have their sights set on how they can improve and are eager to go for the Gold next year.

Congratulations Team! You have made LCA proud!