Pike Lake Fun

September 14th marked an exciting day in the Elementary Classes of Legacy Christian Academy as the students put aside their PACE’s and took to Pike Lake on their annual picnic field trip. It was a cooler day and overcast, but that did not diminish the students’ spirits. Students and staff alike called this day a “huge success” and “lots of fun”. With planned activities, lots of food, and free play time, everyone enjoyed the day.

The students challenged Principal Brunelle in a tug-of-war, went on a nature hike, and even had a scavenger hunt! Discoveries were made in nature as the children enjoyed the outdoors. Walking along the lake, one student reported that he found “wiggly barf”! Oh, the things they say…

Mrs. Johnson surprised the students by being a formidable soccer opponent. She enjoyed “a great time playing together” but admits to being “fairly sore the next day”. This is one of things that is so loved by families at the Academy – that our staff get out there with the kids and enjoy not just supervising them, but spending quality time with them.

As they look forward to another adventure, the field trip at Pike Lake will certainly remain a favorite memory with students and staff at LCA.