Remembrance Day Service: LCA’s Tribute

Legacy Christian Academy held it’s first-ever Remembrance Day Service on November 7th. Guests were invited and all students attended. It was a solemn occasion as the students paid their respects to Canada’s Heroes.

The band played “O Canada” and students participated in a recitation of “In Flanders Field”. Our girls’ choir performed a Latin song that meant ‘peace be with thee’. The students also enjoyed a video presentation titled “Soldiers Cry” by Roland Majeau. This had an impact on several students who felt the lyrics to be touching and allowed them to sympathize with those who serve. It made them feel humble for the lives that were lost but joyful for the freedom that was gained. Sr. High student Elias Allcock played “Last Post” on trumpet while Canadian Army Cadet, Sgt. Layla Bautista (also an LCA student) paid respect. It was wonderful to see our students participating in such an occasion. How important it is that we do remember!

Ordinary Seaman Sangha, a member from the HMCS Unicorn, Canadian Naval Reserve, was our guest speaker. He spoke about his involvement with Canada’s Armed Forces and how he is proud to serve in uniform. Giving the students a quick history lesson, he highlighted some of Canada’s military achievements such as the battle at Amiens. He spoke about Canadian women working on the home front in factories making bombs and weapons and the children who did their part by helping with farm work and collecting scrap coal and metal. OS Sangha admonished the students, “When you hear our veterans’ stories, you realize how important it is to remember what they did and what they gave up so we can enjoy our peace and freedom today.” He shared with the audience an excerpt from an essay written by sixth grader, A. Chandler, describing our veterans, “…they are the heroes of the past and present. The spirits you can see still walking around you and the ones still here…their faces, medals, eyes all tell stories. Stories of war, stories of loss and stories of coming home.” He also educated the students on Canada’s involvement as Peacekeepers around the world, wearing blue berets and helmets. We are grateful for his message and his service.

Afterwards, students acknowledged that we must never forget that our freedom came to us with a big cost. One student reflected how Remembrance Day is important because it is our way of learning from the mistakes we made in the past, honoring fallen soldiers and their contribution to peace, and acknowledging that lasting peace comes only from God.

In all, this was an important and successful assembly for our student body. It was an opportunity for students to honor family members who have served in the past or who are currently serving. They are proud of the contributions of their family members. Our students came away with a greater sense of gratitude for the freedom that we so often take for granted. Thank you to everyone who attended. At Legacy Christian Academy, We Remember.