Table Tennis Spirit

Wearing their matching team t-shirts, Team LCA competed at a high level in this years’ Saskatoon Open Table Tennis Championship held at Pavillion Gustave Dubois School. Earning six out of nine medals, this was an outstanding year for the students. This years’ team was headed by Principal Lou Brunelle.

Our championship team represented LCA’s 30+ members ranging from Grades 4 to 10. Practicing together and competing in playoffs, students report that they are excited for more! Matches can be intense and the level of competition fierce, but our students persevered in both singles and doubles. One such student is Althea Eustacio. Althea credits her father and cousins for inspiring her to play. Having started with the team last year, she prefers to play singles because of the intensity, but finds playing doubles is also fun. A true team player, she remarks that she enjoys learning from other players. Althea brought home a Gold Medal from this year’s tournament and looks forward to more.

AJ Calinisan, another championship player, reported that he and an opponent, “…were having an intense rally. I was smashing repeatedly, and he was able to block it. Eventually, I went for a really hard smash. It landed on his side – it also landed inside the bleachers.” AJ went on to win the Division A Gold Medal. Other wins include: Ace Cabreros, Silver Medalist; Jan Topacio, Gold Medalist; Alyssa Eustacio, Silver Medalist; and Joaquin Perez, Bronze Medalist. All played with the spirit of champions and have made LCA proud.

Special thanks to Principal Lou Brunelle and all the Club Members for making this a smashing year!