Basic Fees

Registration Fee
The annual registration fee for all families is $200 and is non-refundable. Please contact the school for the current tuition fee schedule.

Parent Volunteer Initiative
The Parent Volunteer Initiative is an program in which all parents, as part of their commitment to LCA, are asked to volunteer a minimum of ten hours (per family unit) in the school per year. Volunteer work can be offered in many areas, such as athletic tournaments, classroom support, hot meal days, field trips, school spirit days, assisting with the supervision of various student activities, and building upkeep. The goal is to intentionally involve and integrate all parents into the life of the school while also being a significant blessing tot he staff. Signup sheets will be distributed at the beginning of each new school year. In rare cases, where volunteer service is simply not possible, a buyout plan can be made available. Please contact the school for more information.


The fee for school-provided transportation is $65/week. This is $260/month for full months and $195 for those months with three weeks of school (December, February, March, and June). If you require one-way transportation only, the fee is half the full, two-way rate. Additional pick-up/drop-ofs are $7.50 per trip.

The graduation fee is $400 per student, and is due May 31st. This fee is designed to cover the expenses of the grad event and makes it possible for every grad to invite 20 guests in addition to their parents. If you choose, you may make monthly payments.

Extracurricular Athletics
Students who participate in extracurricular athletic programs may be required to pay for activity registration fees, and/or event fees.


Tuition Subsidy Program
For situations in which financial ability may prevent families from enrolling their children in the Academy, we offer a subsidy program.
In order to qualify, you must request a Subsidy Application Package from the Academy Office and submit the completed package prior to the beginning of the new academic year. This application will be reviewed and you will be contacted for an interview.

Physical Education Uniforms
Legacy Christian Academy has a dress code requiring the students to wear P.E. uniforms. The requirements and costs for the uniforms will be made available to the parents of students that are accepted for admission.

Families who withdraw from the Academy during the school year will be required to pay all fees for the current month (based on a 10 month payment plan).