How do I enroll?

To begin the admission process in any grade from Kindergarten through Grade 12, interested families schedule a tour and hear a presentation about the school. They also engage in an informal conversation with the principal to gain more information and to have their questions answered.

Interested applicants then fill out the appropriate application form for admission and enclose the $20 application fee.

Applicants are notified by email of their status upon review of the application. Once accepted, they will receive an official letter of acceptance.

Upon a student’s acceptance, parents are asked to submit a registration fee and to commit to monthly tuition payments. If children are transferring from another school, the parents will be asked to fill out a Student Cumulative File Request.

All parents will be invited to a parent meeting (Eagles meeting) in September.

Attendance at this initial Eagles Meeting is required by both parents.

In addition, all first time parents will be required to attend a New Parent Orientation during the week prior to school start in the fall.

Please address any questions regarding the admission process to the Academy Office either in person or by calling (306) 242-5086.

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