Mission Trips

Every second year, in either their Grade 11 or 12 year, LCA students will have the opportunity to go on a mission trip. The trips are co-ordinated with established ministries who can host and arrange appropriate activities for our students, to provide them with the experience of sharing the Gospel in a foreign country.
Past trips have been with For His Ministry Foundation in Vicente Guerrero, Mexico, and with Living Water Teaching in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

Canadian Trips

When feasible, LCA will alternate Grade 11 and 12 “Getting to Know Canada” trips with the mission trips. The Canadian trips to cites of historic events or interest provide students with opportunities to engage in unique curriculum and enrichment experiences, where learning can be combined with leisure and fun memories. Group trips also create an environment in which students can enhance their social skills and develop emotionally and personally through the challenges they might face while travelling with peers.

Student Council

In recent years, the student council at LCA has planned pep rallies, table tennis tournaments, a crokinole tournament, Samaritan’s Purse Christmas shoeboxes, school spirit days, and the house and LUX point system. Teenagers on the student council benefit from the experience of planning meetings, organizing events, and promoting school spirit, while the entire student body benefits from the creative ideas, interaction, and friendly competition provided by student council events.

Table Tennis Club

The LCA Table Tennis Club is a member of the Saskatchewan Table Tennis Association. As members, students from elementary to senior levels are given the opportunity to participate in coaching clinics and take part in city competitions. We also hold our own in-house tournaments. All of our students, whether members of the club or not, are free to enjoy our state-of-the-art tables and equipment during their break times.